Year: 2017

Client: Private

Location: Manly, NSW

Program: Residential

Status: Complete

Overlooking Sydney's Manly beach, North Steyne is a residential response for a two bedroom apartment in an existing beachfront building. Taking cue from the site and it's eastern aspect, the concept plays homage to the notion of 'living by the sun'; identifying an inherent connection between the movement of the sun and our daily routines.


Each space within the apartment has been designed to enhance our basic daily rituals. The kitchen celebrates the art of cooking and entertaining, organized around a central 'chef's table' and preparation zone. Opening up the kitchen to the living space further activates the space and allows for a stronger dialogue between host and guest. Beyond the apartment, the horizon provides a powerful backdrop. This is motioned throughout the space with a series of horizontal dado lines featured within the bespoke joinery elements.


 The approach to materiality takes inspiration from the two varying experiences of sunrise and sunset. The public zones instill a sense of warmth and richness synonymous with the morning sun. Moving through the space as our day draws to a close with the setting of the sun, the materiality shifts to create a more calm and somber space to rest.