Year: 2018

Client: Private

Location: Northern Europe

Program: Hospitality

Status: In-progress

F I K A is a coffee shop kiosk designed to be replicated across capital cities throughout Northern Europe. The design celebrates the social experience that has become synonymous with the ritual of coffee, identifying the 'coffee break' as a pause in our daily schedule and a moment for social interaction, whether that be with family, friends or colleagues. Studies in Northern Europe support this in demonstrating that coffee has become a social institution and central to the daily ritual.



The organic and ambiguous form of the coffee kiosk is a reflection of this concept, sitting contrastingly within a context and creating intrigue to encourage a moment of pause and presence in one's surroundings. In responding to notions of time, the kiosk when not in use, shines as a beacon devoid of functionality; an art installation within the urban context. Illuminating from perforations in its skin, the kiosk assumes a secondary function as a monument for the intrinsic nature of light and time which is integral to cultural identity of Northern European populations. Once the kiosk is activated, the lightweight 3D printed roof structure rises above barista station, supported by 15 x hydraulic adjustable arms to reveal the functionality of the coffee kiosk.


The form of the kiosk is dictated by human movement in and around the space.

The internal form is shaped by the movement of the barista during the process of making coffee, whilst the external shape narrows at the points where the barista and customer interact. To allow for a truly social experience, a pull-out plinth can be removed from the form revealing a seating nook and stand-up table to gather or perch momentarily.